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    Doors and Windows construction

    Several Suggestions for building a door and window factory
    I. plant selection:
    , please select a sufficiently large area (1000 square meters) workshop in order to keep the doors and Windows assembly, transportation, storage, hardware, material warehouse, workshop, office and finished goods piled up depending on the actual situation.
    • the factory should ensure certain lighting, no leakage of rain and air circulation.
    • the plant should have sufficient power supply.
    • the plant should be suitable for the installation of electricity and gas lines.
    • the plant should be suitable for the transportation of profiles and finished products.
    • the plant shall have certain safety, anti-theft and fire fighting facilities.
    Ii. Equipment layout:
    We can provide the equipment layout according to the actual plant structure and area of your factory, or we can arrange it on site with the staff of our office.
    The equipment layout principle is:
    • if the equipment is placed against the wall, there should be at least 0.5m inspection channels between the equipment and the wall to facilitate the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
    • the distance between the equipment and the equipment should avoid interference in the processing parts of each equipment.
    Iii. Power supply requirements:
    • the wiring layout shall meet the relevant electrical standards and fire control requirements.
    • total power input refers to the total power consumption of the configured equipment plus more than 25% of the reserved capacity.
    • the input voltage of the equipment is 220V and 380V, and the three-phase four-wire system is adopted.
    • all equipment has grounding protection devices, so in order to ensure safety, please take grounding protection measures strictly in accordance with the specifications or other protection measures as required by the enterprise.
    • each device shall be equipped with a separate distributor and leakage protection switch.
    Iv. Air source requirements:
    • air compressor selection: the air volume of air compressor selected shall not be less than the total gas consumption of all equipment. More than 1/4 of the reserved capacity is reserved.
    • condensers and air filters must be configured to ensure the quality of the air source and extend the service life of all pneumatic components.
    • galvanized pipe or PPR pipe is generally used in the air pipe. Pipe diameter shall be determined according to the flow rate, flow rate and pressure loss of gas source. The main general pipe is D25 pipe, and the branch pipe is D20 pipe. Pipeline layout should have a certain slope to avoid local moisture accumulation.
    V. unpacking and leveling after the equipment is in place:
    • the workshop where the equipment is placed should have a good cement floor. As the equipment works without impact and vibration, there is no need to make foundation.
    , after equipment in place, put the equipment according to process order, first of all to dismantle the equipment outside packing plate, and joint bolt to dismantle the equipment and packing base, then lift equipment out packaging base make smoothly in the cement ground. Eventually dismantle the equipment for the transportation of strapping material such as Angle steel wire, and then remove the device was fitted by convenient transportation equipment, and directed by the attachment box safekeeping, adjust the seed leveling bolt will be leveling equipment.