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Add: Room 806, Office Building 6-50, Advanced Business Center, No.15 Lanxiang Road, Jinan City, Shandong province, China.
Sales telephone number in China:0531-85766911  85709308       Fax:0531-85765600
Sales telephone number abroad:0086-531-85768362     Fax:0086-531-85768362
E-mail:mfw.jn@126.com     Web:http://www.jncgma.com


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About Us



    Core philosophy: Determined to be far-reaching, must start from humanity. 
    Business principle: Struggle innovate for the customer’s benefits, customer’s satisfaction is our only working standard!
    Operation principle: Being a honest man first and then doing things
    Enterprise person-employing view: Integrity of morality and talent, pay more attention to the morality; To choose the person because of the things, to use the person according to their talent.
    Enterprise spirit: pragmatic, cooperative, innovative, dedicated!
    Our mission: Profit is not our the only target, the person as the fundamental and the customer as the center to create a century-old name-brand.
    Our Goal: Revitalize national industry and create a world famous brand!
    Value system:
    Perseverance is our value, our enterprise spirit and also the driving force for us to fulfill our mission and embody the value of knowledge, because of the persistence of our spiritual, world will be more wonderful.
    Perseverance is a wisdom, it fills us with energy in waiting;
    Perseverance is a power, it allows us to burst out in full force
    Persistence is an optimism that makes us believe in the goal that will be reached.
    Persistence is a quality that teaches us to do things well from beginning to end.