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Add: Room 806, Office Building 6-50, Advanced Business Center, No.15 Lanxiang Road, Jinan City, Shandong province, China.
Sales telephone number in China:0531-85766911  85709308       Fax:0531-85765600
Sales telephone number abroad:0086-531-85768362     Fax:0086-531-85768362
E-mail:mfw.jn@126.com     Web:http://www.jncgma.com


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About Us

Leader's Speech

    Leader's Speech

    Jinan CGMA CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has been for more than 10 years since its setting up the business to now. It can be described as 10 years of founding, 10 years of wind and rain, and 10 years of harvest. From the initial stage of founding to the group management, we have gone through a way paving with the hard-working and sweat. We are appreciated for the support and selfless care from the community, and we also grateful to the employees who work hard in every position!
    One person can achieve the success only with the self-confidence and hard work, even a company is like this. On the vast business ocean, thousands of boats is competing. Self-Confidence gives us more confidence in the environment where competition and development accompany, opportunities and challenges coexist, and make us learn that the feet on the ground and relentless pursuit. With these two points, the enterprise have the root of development. It make everyone in the company to shine with humanity and wisdom in their life and work, so that our partners will meet the future with confidence such as we do. This is our wealth and our value, even it is the motivation and belief that we provide every quality service for our customers. Excellent thinking original from the excellent culture, 
    Holding with the core philosophy of " Determined to be far-reaching, must start from humanity ", CGMA insist the principle of "Being a honest man first and then doing things" and strives to practice the idea of "Innovating for the customer’s benefit and making customers Satisfaction is the only standard. CGMA is creating the career platform of fair competition and only using the talented person, and allowing people with both ability and integrity to realize the value of life. At the same time, we actively undertake more social responsibilities, and create more economic benefit and train more talent person through improving own operating achievement. 
    The future CGMA will continue to follow the trend, seize the opportunities, change concepts, develop and innovate, nurture people with excellent culture, shape people with mature management, motivate people with competitive salaries. With all CGMA colleagues we would like to promote CGMA work to greater development, and to create a new splendor for CGMA career!