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Single Head Corner Combining Machine for Aluminum win-door
Product Name:

Single Head Corner Combining Machine for Aluminum win-door

Item No. :
Input power
Total power
Work pressure
Gas consumption
Weld profile height
Weld profile width
Welding range

Performance characteristics:
The device is not only used for the punching and riveting connection of aluminum alloy doors and windows at a 45° angle, but also for the punching and riveting connection of the 45° angle of the curtain wall profile.
It adopts programmable controller (PLC) control, which is stable, reliable and easy to maintain.
The machine adopts hydraulic system, featuring high power, wide range and stable operation. It is suitable for punching and riveting connection of all conventional profiles at 45° angle. It is especially effective for processing color aluminum and insulated cold bridge profiles. It is an assembly of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The necessary equipment for the assembly of the curtain wall.
The sedimentation multi-combination positioning system ensures the positioning accuracy and the convenience of pick-and-place profiles.
It has a secondary pressurization function, and the extrusion angle is strong and powerful, effectively ensuring the connection strength.
The original screw-type tool combination makes adjusting the tool fast and convenient.
The cylinder rod has a scale and the tool depth is adjusted accurately.
The auxiliary positioning adopts a double-layer dovetail structure, and the two layers can be separately adjusted to facilitate the positioning of the profile. Auxiliary positioning before and after movement uses a digital display measuring ruler, the size is intuitive to read, and the adjustment is quick and convenient.

Technical Parameters:
Rated oil pressure 20MPa
Fuel tank capacity 30L

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